Who We Are


Our mission

To empower thousands of entrepreneurs around the world to launch and grow clean energy businesses.

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Our model

We provide a world-class education, one-on-one coaching, and links to finance for aspiring energy entrepreneurs in a seamless fashion. Learn more >>


Comprehensive training program, tools, and real-world examples that are uniquely focused on creating and scaling-up clean energy businesses with our new product called MyBusinessPlan .


Talented and experienced practitioners around the world who guide and assist entrepreneurs in creating and finalizing their business and investment plan and also help develop the pitch for potential investors.

Linking to finance

Links to a network of investors interested in the pipeline of clean energy businesses that are being incubated by Embark and an Embark Seed Capital Facility that will provide early-stage catalytic capital to entrepreneurs. Learn more >>

Our team

We are a solid team of seasoned veterans and rising stars with passion and persistence to tackle energy poverty through entrepreneurship. Meet our team >>

Our partners

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