Become a Beta Tester and Enter to Win a Tablet



We are delighted to announce the beta launch of MyBusinessPlan. This e-learning program and business plan creation tool offers the best of Embark’s classroom-based experience combined with the benefit of being able to access it from anywhere—using a computer with an internet connection.

MyBusinessPlan-Beta uses lessons, real-world examples and interactive exercises on energy enterprise planning developed by world-recognized experts at Columbia University in New York.  It is in an easy to follow, step-by-step format for drafting your own business plan, including the financial statements.

Users are encouraged to communicate directly with the creators of MyBusinessPlan to receive feedback and strategic advice regarding their business plans. One hour of business coaching is included with MyBusinessPlan-Beta, with additional support available by request on a case by case basis.

Those completing the program receive a certificate and, if the drafted business plan is complete and realistic, Embark will provide a letter of reference and introduction to finance providers and investors in our network.

During the beta launch, Embark will reward the author of the best clean energy business plan with a Chromo Inc. 4GB tablet computer. Sign-up is free for the first 20 users using promo code: BETA20. See below for FAQs on participating in the beta program.


Business Plan Writing Contest Prize: A Chromo Inc. 4GB tablet

MyBusinessPlan-Beta FAQ 

1. Why become a beta user?

MyBusinessPlan helps you organize and prepare a clean energy business plan that is investor-ready. Beta testers will enjoy unrestricted, FREE access to all the features of MyBusinessPlan PLUS one-on-one coaching, a total value of USD 95.

2. Who can participate in MyBusinessPlan-Beta?

Existing energy entrepreneurs with a business you want to grow OR aspiring entrepreneurs with an idea for a clean energy business you want to start.

3. What do I need in order to participate?

An email address, proficiency in English (enough to read the news and talk about your business), and access to a computer and the internet.

4. What will I do as a beta user?

You will complete the e-learning course – listening to the lectures, doing the exercises and having a one-hour coaching session with an Embark expert.  The goal is to help you develop your business idea into a viable business plan.

5. How much time will it take?

It depends on you. It could take one day if you already have all the necessary information (about your market, product, finances etc.) or about 40 hours spread over a few weeks or more if you are researching and compiling all of the details for your proposed business for the first time.

6. What is the deadline to complete the beta program?

There is no deadline, but Embark will review all the business plans produced in MyBusinessPlan-Beta and award the tablet on May 23rd, 2014.  But you are free to continue beyond that date.

7. Will I get upgraded automatically to the next version of MyBusinessPlan when it is launched?


8. Is it secure?

Your business plan will live in our database until you choose to export it. It will not be shared with any outside parties. It will only be reviewed by Embark coaching experts with your permission.

9. How do I register to be a beta user?

Simply be among the first 20 to log into the MyBusinessPlan page with promotional code BETA20 and get started.