Embark Consulting: Value Proposition

A lower cost, more efficient alternative to the larger consulting firms with limited specialized expertise in the energy access practice area
Extensive on-the-ground experience and implementation skills that distinguish us from the competition
A solid track record and capacity to tackle any size project by leveraging our internal resources and external network of affiliates around the world to bring on-the-ground solutions

Embark Consulting: Services

We are a boutique consulting firm that offers flexibility and responsiveness in designing and delivering superb products to help our clients realize their full potential. Embark provides:

1. Strategic Advice

  • Energy enterprise development and life-cycle financing
  • Energy access strategies and Bottom of the Pyramid outreach/ marketing
  • Program monitoring and evaluation
  • Partnerships and program management

 2. Technical Assistance

  • Clean energy technologies for the Bottom of the Pyramid
  • End-user finance and innovative payment schemes
  • Financial modeling and investment vehicle design
  • Social and environmental impact tracking

 3. Training and Capacity Building

  • Energy entrepreneurship customized curriculum
  • Teaching, coaching and “Train the Trainers”
  • Programmatic and technical content development

Embark Consulting: Team

Our consulting practice brings expertise and a solid track record in more than 30 developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America on energy access, entrepreneurship, and access to finance. The team is led by two world-recognized experts in energy and development, Ellen Morris and Phil LaRocco. They manage an international and multi-disciplinary team of seasoned veterans and rising stars that brings a passion for social change and market-based approaches to development. We are committed to the common goal of providing value to our clients by offering high quality and quantifiable research, analysis, writing and presentations. To learn more about team, click here.

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