Embark partners with PANGEA and Everest Energy under UN SE4ALL

By Eskedar Gessesse, Social Media Intern, Embark Energy


Embark is delighted to announce its new partnership under the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All initiative (SE4ALL) with Partners for Euro-African Green Energy (PANGEA) and Everest Energy Group.

PANGEA is a Brussels-based, non-profit membership association promoting bioenergy production, research, investment and policies through European and African bioenergy companies. Netherlands-based Everest Energy is an  independent global energy project advisor and project developer.

Entrepreneurs seeking Embark’s finance and training services to improve their business plans will benefit the most from this alliance as it will gain them access to a diverse network of individuals and organizations working in the clean energy industry. Ellen Morris, one of Embark’s founding partners, said: “We are looking forward to the partnership with PANGEA and Everest Energy to bring our recently launched distance learning program, called MyBusinessPlan, to a larger audience and work together to launch thousands of new businesses rather than the hundreds we have today.”

Director of Embark’s Finance Team, Genia Sokolova added: “The strength of this partnership lies in a continuous spectrum of coaching and finance for our entrepreneurs, who can start on a small scale with Embark and have the opportunity to grow into a larger entity through access to PANGEA’s extensive networks and Everest Energy’s project development expertise.”

Through our complementary visions and goals, Embark and both new partners will be able to enhance respective projects and impacts. The coalition will aid PANGEA’s goal of developing sustainable bioenergy in Africa and beyond; enhance Everest Energy’s efforts to provide structured project development strategies; and help Embark reach a wider range of investors and entrepreneurs. Besides expanding Embark’s network of investors and local businesses, this strategic partnership will allow Embark to facilitate the creation of a rich database and platform for experience-sharing and information-exchange between the three partners, ultimately yielding a stronger support system for local energy entrepreneurs.

UN-Energy’s Chairman Kandeh Yumkella, during the recent Sustainable Energy for All Forum in New York (4-6 June 2014), acknowledged the importance of partnerships by saying, “This is what we want to do in sustainable energy for all – to bring the best knowledge of actors together.”

The Embark Energy-PANGEA-Everest Energy partnership signals combined knowledge of off-grid and small scale clean energy solutions, extensive financial and educational support, technological expertise and resource mobilization that will catalyze and expand investment in clean energy towards revolutionizing sustainable energy access in dire areas such as sub-Saharan Africa and developing Asia.

Read more about the partnership here.

Image source: blog.mondo.com