Embark People Profile: Livinus Manyanga, Embark Program Coordinator in Tanzania; Founder & Executive Director of Kakute Ltd

Eskedar Gessesse, Social Media Intern, Embark Energy


Livinus Manyanga, Embark Program Coordinator & Founder of Kakute Ltd

Mr Manyanga was born in the town of Kilimanjaro in 1960, one of the most stunning places in the world, where he was able to complete his primary education. He then moved to Arusha, Tanzania for his secondary education at the Arusha Catholic Seminary. He decided to go a bit further from where he grew up and pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at a university in Dar es Salaam. As a young man, Mr Manyanga was very interested in creativity and innovation, which led him to his current career path. A few years after receiving his bachelor’s degree, he started working at the Center for Agricultural Mechanization and Rural Technology (CAMARTECH), where he ran several projects focused on rural development. Through his work, he recognized the critical need for appropriate technology in rural areas, which pushed him to look further into a commercial approach to rural community development. He consolidated his  ideas into a concrete vision with goals and established Kakute Ltd.

Kakute Ltd., guided by its fierce leader and diligent team of 22 (12 permanent workers and 10 associate members), has carried out various development projects for the past 20 years. The organization focuses on promoting technological appliances for water sanitation, harvesting materials that add value to agricultural crops as well as renewable energy technologies.


Kakute Ltd, Arusha

Mr Manyanga is hailed as a great leader and a dexterous man by many of his coworkers. He conducts monthly meetings with the Kakute and Embark teams to see the progress and challenges they are facing. This is highly appreciated among his employees and seen as a testament to his dedication to the individual growth of each member in the organization. Mr Emmanuel Malya, Program Coordinator at Kakute, says he thoroughly enjoys working with Mr Manyanga because he has great people skills and encourages his employees to think about their future career goals.

The nature of his profession, Mr Manyanga says, does not grant full satisfaction as there will always be another challenge to address. However, he has been involved in a few projects throughout his career that he believes were his greatest accomplishments. He is proud to have pioneered the biofuel sub-sector that uses Jatropha seed in Tanzania. He advocated the numerous uses of this renewable resource such as its ability to be processed to fuel diesel engines. This earned him the Harvard University’s Roy Family Award for Environmental Partnership in 2007, which recognizes projects that enhance environmental quality through novel and creative approaches.

Mr Manyanga is now currently working closely with Embark through the Embark-Kakute partnership created in early 2013. He believes that pre-financing of a renewable energy business is the best approach to support its growth and progress and works diligently to connect local entrepreneur with Embark so they can access training and finance. He acknowledges the importance of building local capacity and allowing financial institutions to understand the potential of the renewable energy business. Ms Lillian Ewaldy, Administrative Assistant and Embark liaison to Kakute, says that Mr Manyanga has been a great resource for Embark by bringing clients to the organization. She also says that he is a great man to work with as he is transparent and gives his employees an opportunity to push themselves to learn new things.

Mr Manyanga says that he wishes to keep Kakute’s vision alive even after he retires. He hopes to stay close to his organizations and to serve as a mentor and adviser for future successors. Embark is proud to be a partner of Kakute’s and to work closely with such a committed and hardworking man.


Photographs by Kakute Ltd