educationMyBusinessPlan  is a unique and versatile software tool that allows entrepreneurs to build their skills and confidence as they design their clean energy business.

MyBusinessPlan is primarily designed for off-grid energy enterprises, however it is flexible, making it relevant for any type of small business. It’s accompanied by training materials appropriate for adult learners interested in practical outcomes, not theoretical knowledge. MyBusinessPlan is divided into easy to follow steps, each building off the work and concepts mastered in the previous ones.

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To assist you in thinking about your clean energy business, download a free version of Embark Money Management and Embark Money Management Guidebook

MyBusinessPlan Versions

1. MyBusinessPlan-MegaWatt

In MyBusinessPlan-MegaWatt (US $24.95), entrepreneurs have access to the comprehensive MyBusinessPlan proposal authoring tool and training package that includes numerous lessons, detailed step-by-step guidance and real world examples to reinforce concepts that are taught. Users are self-directed, progressing at their own pace to complete their business plan. This full version includes a complementary, half-hour business coaching session with international experts via Skype. Available on the web and as a app for Apple and Android tablets.

 2. MyBusinessPlan-Watt

MyBusinessPlan-Watt (US$1.99) is for the entrepreneur who only wants to use the MyBusinessPlan template and financial tool, or who wants to get a overview before purchasing the full version. For the curious, Step 2 of “Watt” is a full-featured demo of the “MegaWatt” version. Available on the web and as a tablet app for Apple and Android tablets.

3. MyBusinessPlan-Classroom

MyBusinessPlan-Classroom refers to the on-site training done by Embark and our partner organizations around the world. This can be customized for energy enterprises, NGOs, donors, investors or other intermediaries that are interested in energy entrepreneurship and finance. Training delivery depends on the degree of customization required, the number and length of sessions, connectivity at the venue and length of the training period. Inquire for more information.

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