by Norma Shindika, Embark Energy Video Intern Small-scale off-grid energy entrepreneurs are able to impact thousands of lives and contribute to the development of whole communities by providing energy access. They have made it their career goal to promote sustainable living and work towards eradicating energy poverty. Embark Energy has served as a proud incubator […]


Eskedar Gessesse, Social Media Intern, Embark Energy Crowdfunding has been a popular means of gathering financial support and expanding the customer base for several projects and initiatives. The number of online crowdfunding platforms shows that it has been the go-to strategy for many projects such as political campaigns, charitable causes and financial campaigns for small […]


Eskedar Gessesse, Social Media Intern, Embark Energy Livinus Manyanga, Embark Program Coordinator & Founder of Kakute Ltd Mr Manyanga was born in the town of Kilimanjaro in 1960, one of the most stunning places in the world, where he was able to complete his primary education. He then moved to Arusha, Tanzania for his secondary […]

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Embark Energy- Mount Holyoke College interns, Norma Shindika and Eskedar Gessesse Embark Energy is partners with Mount Holyoke College, a renowned liberal arts college in Massachusetts, USA, that has been educating women for an effective and purposeful engagement in the world for over 175 years. Through the college’s Lynk Universal Application Fund (UAF), it is […]


by Phil LaRocco, Co-founder of Embark Energy Climate Week NYC 2014 has kicked off with great fanfare in the Big Apple. As a sustainable energy and development practitioner, here is my wish list for the week. WISH #1 : Accountability That the world stop talking about clean energy, climate change, poverty and energy access and start examining […]


by Maria Alaguru Meet one of Embark’s clean energy entrepreneurs, Johnson Kaihura, Managing Director of Kaihura General Co Ltd. Kaihura joined our MyBusinessPlan program held in person in Tanzania and is a success story we’re delighted to share. Kaihura manufactures clean cookstoves as his core business in Arusha,Tanzania and has created impact in his community […]


by Eskedar Gessesse, Social Media Intern, Embark Energy Nane Nane, translated “eight-eight” in Kiswahili, is a public holiday in Tanzania that is held every year on the eighth day of the eighth month (August 8). It is an event that recognizes the hard work and contribution of farmers to the Tanzanian economy. It is celebrated […]


by Eskedar Gessesse, Social Media Intern, Embark Energy UNDP Administrator Helen Clark shakes hands with World Bank President Jim Yong Kim while UN Secretary-General looks on. Image by Paulo Filgueras on Flickr Creative Commons.  The United Nations hosted the first annual Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) Forum in New York City, on June 4-6, 2014 to provide a formal […]


By Eskedar Gessesse, Social Media Intern, Embark Energy Embark is delighted to announce its new partnership under the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All initiative (SE4ALL) with Partners for Euro-African Green Energy (PANGEA) and Everest Energy Group. PANGEA is a Brussels-based, non-profit membership association promoting bioenergy production, research, investment and policies through European and African […]


June 4, 2014 - Read about Embark in the Huffington Post!


June 3, 2014 - Announced today, 27 private-sector partners of “Beyond the Grid” - a new Power Africa initiative to unlock investment and growth specifically for off-grid and small-scale energy solutions.


June 2, 2014 - Embark is part of a partnership under the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All initiative (SE4ALL)...


  We are delighted to announce the beta launch of MyBusinessPlan. This e-learning program and business plan creation tool offers the best of Embark’s classroom-based experience combined with the benefit of being able to access it from anywhere—using a computer with an internet connection. MyBusinessPlan-Beta uses lessons, real-world examples and interactive exercises on energy enterprise […]


Joshua Kabugo, Embark Energy Director of Operations based in Arusha, Tanzania, caught up with some of the Sankalp Africa 2014 winners and shares some social enterprise insights from the Sankalp Africa Summit 2014.

Embark’s ten-step training program to convert a business idea into a complete and balanced business plan is being launched in person with a group of Arusha based entrepreneurs on Friday, March 14th. Embark’s staff with partner, Kakute Ltd, will present the MyBusinessPlan© training materials to 10 participants.  The 15 hours of course materials will be presented three consecutive […]


Phil LaRocco speaks at TEDxColumbiaSIPA! Phil is the architect and visionary behind the Embark entrepreneur training and coaching curriculum and is the lead author of the extensive set of teaching materials. He brings over 20 years of experience as a practitioner and thought-leader on energy enterprise development and is the founder of E+Co, the award-winning […]


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