Our Partners


Stichting Doen

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

DOEN is a cutting edge organization that aims to give entrepreneurship an innovative, sustainable interpretation by providing support to initiatives that contribute to improving peoples’ lives and the planet. To help to spur innovation, DOEN is a strong believer in giving organizations the courage to take risks in order to put their often untested ideas into practice so as to create impact and inspire others. Embark has benefitted from start-up funding from DOEN for the proof-of-concept phase and for support in connecting to other donors.


Kakute Limited

Arusha, Tanzania

KAKUTE Limited is a leading organization in Tanzania dedicated to reducing poverty through real business opportunities and has over 20 years of experience in technology transfer of renewable energy technologies in Tanzania. Embark and Kakute are working together in Arusha, Tanzania with local entrepreneurs on the proof of concept for Embark’s innovative model to empower entrepreneurs through education so that they can deliver life-expanding energy services in a financially and environmentally sustainable way.

Logo Everest Energy


Everest Energy is an independent global energy project developer and project advisor; providing operational execution of project development. Everest Energy specializes in structured and “hands-on” project development where bio-energy is created and converted into electricity.

The Earth Institute

Columbia University, New York, New York

The Earth Institute, based at Columbia University, is a world-recognized organization that is blending scientific research, education and practical solutions to help guide the world onto a path toward sustainability. The energy initiative of the Earth Institute focuses on technologies and policy solutions to help ensure a sustainable energy future for all. Embark is a member of the Earth Institute Internship Program, a new initiative that matches talented students with leading employers in sustainability-related fields.

SunConnect Consulting

Freiburg, Germany

SunConnect is a boutique consulting company that is dedicated to sustainable access to affordable energy using business-minded solutions. The pillars of SunConnect’s work are the beliefs that there are great needs in off-grid areas of developing countries and that rural people can afford high quality, reliable energy products. Embark is collaborating with SunConnect to develop and implement projects and processes that to establish cutting edge sustainable off-grid energy solutions.

U.S. Agency for International Development

Washington, DC

USAID’s Renewable Energy Leader with Associates program within the Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, and Environment aims to effect transformative, lasting results at scale to increase access and adoption of renewable energy globally, through the provision of technical assistance, program design, and program implementation services. Embark partnered with Winrock International to develop the prototype for the Embark curriculum and web-based learning center that was supported by USAID.

Columbia Impact Investing Initiative

New York, New York

Columbia Impact Investing Initiative is an organization at Columbia University dedicated to the emerging field of impact investing and social entrepreneurship. There are over 200 graduate student members from Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia Business School, Columbia Law School, the Earth Institute and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. In their mission to inspire and prepare students for leadership and professional roles in impact investing and social entrepreneurship, they are working for Embark on the identification and engagement of investors for the Embark Seed Capital Facility that will invest in start-up or scale-up entrepreneurs.

Mount Holyoke College

South Hadley, Massachusetts

Mount Holyoke College has been educating women for thoughtful, effective, and purposeful engagement in the world for 175 years. The International Internship Program at Mount Holyoke sponsors internships for students to take part in experiential learning opportunities with innovative organizations around the world. Embark is a partner of Mount Holyoke in identifying talented students to work with them on 3-month summer assignments in Tanzania to help build and grow the business.

Dev Team 7

Dev Team 7 is a boutique firm that designs and develops apps, video games and customized software solutions. They transformed Embark’s “MyBusinessPlan” customized training program into a versatile and engaging app that will be available to entrepreneurs around the world.