To the Fair! Nane Nane 2014 (Farmer’s Day) – Arusha, Tanzania

by Eskedar Gessesse, Social Media Intern, Embark Energy


Nane Nane, translated “eight-eight” in Kiswahili, is a public holiday in Tanzania that is held every year on the eighth day of the eighth month (August 8). It is an event that recognizes the hard work and contribution of farmers to the Tanzanian economy. It is celebrated in seven major zones in the country with large fairs to create a platform for farmers and other stakeholders to interact and communicate their business ideas. The fair lasts eight days (August 1 – 8, 2014) and includes a big closing ceremony on the final day.

This is a great opportunity for participants and visitors to the fair to see the progress in sustainable agricultural production and the contribution of Tanzanian farmers to agricultural growth and development. Nane Nane is known to be an enjoyable event with good music, delicious local cuisine and a lively atmosphere.

During the event, numerous farmers from the surrounding areas come to the fair to showcase their products and network with other farmers, agricultural organizations and business stakeholders. Throughout the years, the event has grown to include various businesses and independent organizations that want to display their products and attract more customers. Through this exchange, participants promote their businesses, learn about new technological advancements and broaden their network base.


Here at Embark, we are very excited about this year’s Farmer’s Day as it will be a good setting for us to interact with other businesses. We will have our own booth where our entrepreneurs can display and market their products. Local renewable energy entrepreneurs visiting our booth may view our MyBusinessPlan training modules and lesson plans. Kakute Ltd, Embark’s partner in Tanzania, will also have a stand at the fair, where they will promote their products such as solar lanterns, clean cookstoves and Jatropha soaps. Together with Kakute, we will reach out to entrepreneurs interested in starting a venture in the clean energy sector or in expanding their existing business. We will also use this platform to communicate the need for local clean energy businesses and their role in community development.

In addition to creating a platform for farmers and other businesses, Nane Nane promotes a cleaner and more sustainable agricultural sector. Participants are encouraged to exchange ideas that enable agricultural producers to make more profit while also conducting their business in a sustainable manner. As a keen supporter of this inspiring goal, Embark encourages every member of the energy access, clean energy, angel investing and agricultural sustainability community to join in the fair, especially members in the local area. We hope to see you there!


Nane Nane Images by Kakute Ltd
Featured image by Kamloops United Church